Cancellation of the unregistered Demo for Lisa and Thomas

from de.indy :

We decided to cancel the solidarity demo for Lisa and Thomas. We will till you about the various reasons that led to the decision in this text. After long discussions we came to the conclusion that we’re not enough people to go through with the Demonstration since we as the preparating circle feel responsible for offering a structure, that makes a safe participation on this demonstration possible. Alternatives were discussed, for example making a manifestation.But in the end we decided that all options would not be satisfactory for saturday the 12th of May at 18:00 on Herrfurthplatz, and would only be attempts to correct errors in the last second [..]

The rest of the Communique in german

Short report from Thursday

The Discussion & Chaosdays started with the FreeMarket on Dorfplatz. The cops were present in rather big numbers, hassling people but not quite ready to smash the whole action this time. Many people came together in a good mood with the great wheather. There was a bunch of press present too.

Simultaneously an FLTI*-Sponti against patriarchy and for feminism (it was „man’s day“) with 80 people and walked through southkiez free from cop harassment for quite a while.
For more such uncontrollable moments!

The program went on with several events, discussing rebellious perspectives. We started collecting short reports or protocols of the events with one possible goal of evaluating them on Sunday. You can also find these on this blogs under Protokolle in german, and later on in translated form.

Latest Updates

Today the Chaos and Discussion Days officially start!

Here are some more informations for you:
The twitter account started. You will find it with @Gegenstadt or #gegenstadt and #chaostage.

There is going to be a information phone which will be answered from 12pm today.

The number is: 0049 152 18466301.

We will be happy to get informations from you which we can pass on then. There is a new contact form to quickly send us some Infos,Texts,etc aswell now. All informations will be spread on twitter or you can get it in the info point (Infoladen Daneben-Liebigstr. 34).

If you need a sleeping place you can also come to the Infoladen Daneben. From here you will be sent somewhere.

The Infoladen will be open from thursday 12pm until sunday (around) 10pm. There you can get the overloaded program in german and english for free.

In the case of trouble with cops you can call the berlin legal team 0049 30 69 22222. The lawyers will listen to the answering machine regularly or you can call the info phone. This will be in contact with the legal team as well. Especially when people are staying in prison longer.

2nd plenary assembly before the Discussion and Chaos Days

Come to the second plenary assembly, to further discuss the days, their idea and positions and strengthen the exchange between us.

What could the meaning of those days be? Is there a particular emphasis on any subjects? What’s already happening and what other ideas are there? How can we coordinate ourselves?

Our struggles live from selforganisation and taking initiative. Through joint discussions we can develop our actions and counteract the individualization in sectional struggles. The plenary assembly is open to everyone who wants to participate.

We’re looking forward to your participation and Input

Where and when: 18.04. // 7pm // Mehringhof

We want to discuss, test and intensify revolutionary and rebellious perspectives, goals and strategies for more intensive and far-reaching struggles.
We’re planning a mix of workshops, discussions, culture and actions on the focal points of our struggles. The more the merrier.
“ (excerpt from the call)

Gneisenaustrasse 2a
10961 Berlin


We are collecting call-outs, relevant news, comments and articles, reports and stuff you send us under News
If you think we forgot something or you want to send us something you can mail us

Intersquat Block at the chaos and discussion days

You’re invited to an Intersquat Block at the Chaos and Discussion days in May in Berlin. We want to offer the space for an exchange on our tactics and techniques, discussions and information within the Chaos and Discussion days at Rigaerstrasse.

Structurally we don’t plan on this being an equal replacement for the past Intersquat meetings, unless you want to make it such. We do think this is a good opportunity to connect the general discussions on the sense and future of urban struggles with questions that come up when considering squatting as more than a tool to satisfy basic housing needs. We hope for a discussion on the importance of squatting for other liberatory struggles, houses as political tools, questions on working within and with neighbourhoods and more.

Evictions, Repression, Surveillance, Prisons, the maggots using and supporting oppressive structures are everywhere let’s get together to support each other and smash the ball not just into their court but through its heart.

If you personally or as a group are interested, have workshops, stuff to discuss, an info event or anything else in mind for the intersquat block or the whole weekend, just write us , PGP-Key-ID 0x3971B260E4B15B69

To arrange sleeping places you can write to with PGP-Key-ID 0xA9DE538A73306A20

Rigaerstraße Assembly

Feel free to send this message on to groups, people and houses you know! And please send us your PGP-Key if you have one

Plenary Assembly before the Discussion and Chaos Days


Between the 10th and 13th of Mai the Chaos- and Discussiondays are taking place in Berlin. Quite a few things are already being planned. Until now there has been an open Meeting for the preparation taking place in Fischladen, Rigaerstrasse 83 every Wednesday at 6pm. With this plenary assembly we hope to put the concept up to public scrutiny and discussion.Additionally we would like to evaluate if such a plenary assembly can function as a coordination platform for more people who autonomously organize things decentrally following the Do-It-Yourself principle.

All groups and individuals are invited to join the discussion on how we want to shape these four days.


Here’s a preliminary agenda :


I. Discussion about the goals

  • Presentation of the ideas of the initiators
  • Discussion, critique and further ideas

II. Organizational planning

  • What’s already organized
  • What other ideas come up?
  • How should the Days organization be realized
  • Distribute material for mobilisation

We’re looking forward to your participation!

The Discussion- and Chaosdays preparation meeting

7 pm

Gneisenaustrasse 2a
10961 Berlin


Rigaerstrasse – the neighbourhood of Friedrichshains Northkiez¹ has been marked and shaped by a constant defensive fight against state control and gentrification , at least since the squating wave of 1990. Meanwhile the Kiez is a field of constant tension between leftist-liberal obedience, subculture and serious confrontation.


In connection with the Long week of Rigaerstrasse in 2015 and the resulting declaration of our neighboorhood to a dangerzone, we called for selforganization and solidarity in the Neighbourhood. We made propaganda against the cops on the streets, against arrogant houseowner organizations and their luxury developments, against state politics. In Spring 2016 the conflict with CG-Group welled up and neighbours organized and defended themselves against gentrification in the Neighbourhood.
Neighbourhood-assemblies, an exchange on the experienced police-state that transgressed scene-boundaries and the continuity of expressed militancy built the base for the successful fights around Rigaer 94 in the Summer of 2016. In the aftermath it seemingly got more quiet around the street. After the furious rows of June 2017, Dorfplatz², one of the cornerstones of the Myth of Rigaer Straße became once again the scene for the states measures of control and the attempt to suffocate everything social between the people. Counterinsurgency and Pacification strategies are expressed in the oppression of the rebellious and the integration of those willing to enter a „dialogue“, as in the summer 2017 attempt of the council to stage and simulate civic participation.

January 2018

We’re looking forward to this new year with anticipation.
With the end of the year the lease of the (queer-)feminist house project Liebig34 will run out, several other projects are threatened and in need of a fierce shared perspective. Repressive pressure on autonomous structures has been on the rise since the G20 Summit in Hamburg, and wont come to a halt in front of our doors. Kiez structures that have slowly grown over time will keep being destroyed by displacement and further isolation and egoism. We see it as part of our responsibility to perpetuate the intensity and strength of the dispute and confrontations as we saw them in Hamburg and drive the cracks of collective and individual revolt deep into the concrete of the capitalist city.But we don’t want to just create our own ghetto and have our horizon end at the border of our neighbourhoods.
Nevertheless we came to see that the rebellion against gentrification has become one of the most important pillars of autonomous struggles.There are daily actions against profiteers and the states‘ thugs whose violent politics account for the deaths of countless people. In the age of the Smart-City and urban warfare, the constant strenghtening of fascist structures and blanket indifference, people around the world, from Rojava to the Mapuche, from Athens to Berlin, from the goldmines in Chalkidikí to the ZAD in Nantes, defend their freedom and a life in dignity.

Discussion and Chaos Days Mai 2018

Those thinking to put a seal of deadly silence on Rigaer Straße or anywhere else, shall count on our urge for selforganized and uncommercial living and our will to face and fight any authority and the power of capitalism over it. We invite you to the Discussion and Chaos Days from 10th to 13th of may 2018 in Berlin. We want to discuss, test and intensify revolutionary and rebellious perspectives, goals and strategies for more intensive and far-reaching struggles.
We’re planning a mix of workshops, discussions, culture and actions on the focal points of our struggles. The more the merrier.

Our call goes out to all active groups and individuals, neighbourhood-initiatives, those involved in struggles in other regions, Punks and kids of the burgeois, gangster and autonomous.. – all those that want to fill the streets and their hearts with life, organize resistance, cause decentral chaos on those days and nights.

You can send your input and ideas to , feel free to ask us for posters and other mobilization material on there too

More Infos can be found at:

In Berlin Context, a word describing a close neighbourhood and its structures. Discerned by its social connections and reliance on local resources, in contrast to modern blocks or modernized areas that fail to replicate the grown dependencies and systems making the neighbourhood more independent and giving it an identity. Sometimes in short: a block that has no bar, no Späti or baker is not a Kiez.

² Dorfplatz  coloquial term literally translating to Village Square The small square formed by the intersection of Liebigstrasse and Rigaerstrasse in Friedrichshain, once characterized by the now gone Liebig14 and the remaining Liebig34 and the proximity of Rigaer94.


10.5. – 13.5. 2018 Berlin