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Saturday, Mai 5th, 18:00, SFE (Mehringhof)
Event about Lisa’s process on the Aachen bankrobbery


Wednesday, Mai 9th

Event about Operation Pandora
20:00, Zielona Gora


Bread Baking Workshop
17:00, Rigaer 94


Häuserkampf Alleycat. Against rising rents, displacement and gentrification.
Registration 18:00, Start 19.00, Meuterei (Reichenbergerstr. 58)

Thomas Meyer-Falk and preventive custody
20:00, Zielona Gora


Permanent Installation: Appropriation in riot – Appropriation of riot 10:00-19:00, New Yorck im Bethanien

Image- and Soundinstallation the 80s Housingstruggle in Berlin and local riots of the recent and past Days



Thursday May 10th

Fŧeeshop and Swap Meet
12:00, Dorfplatz (Rigaerstr / Liebigstr)

All for all and for free!
Our society is dominated from the logic that every service requires some kind of compensation. Our pockets and not our needs are deciding if we can use something. The private property is the highest mean in our society and it gets defended by the ruling ones, by all means, battons and prisons.

A free fleamarket is a social space where we meet & exchange in a rebellious neighbourhood to come together and to get over the anonymity of the cities.
Bring things that you dont need anymore and but others might need and take what you need!

…Sponge-Stone Workshop: Make your own cobblestones and let them fly. Workshop is also for kids
…Cockroach-race through the DangerZone

Reading and Discussion: Rede auf drei Stühlen
10.5. 14:00 Infoladen Daneben

Long marches, founding parties, protest movements tightly screwed to the grounds of
constitution – again and again as funny little tigers, creatively started and ending as
bedside carpets. Well, bedside carpets.[..] So take out the old hatchet and have a humorless go at the roots.

Discussionevent on grassroots organization in neighbourhoods10.5. 15:00 PA58

Together with the social center Agnes Reinhold and other Projects focussing on district
struggles we will discuss about grassroots organization in the neighborhoods. The different groups will present themselves with a short input and will talk about their experiences and approaches with neighborhood organization. After we want to discuss all together about this and our own ideas. With that we want to push the discourse about the necessity a broad form of organization. We can use this opportunity to exchange about the further development of our practices and to make networking.
„we cant expect a revolutionary development, but we can do a lot more for the potential to develop and we can prepare better. And this despite – or even because of – the fact that more and more people turn to populist right winged and racist ideologies. In those
ideologies the authoritarian and militaristic rearrangement of society is acuminate in a new dimension.“
(11 Thesises about critique on radical left politics, organization and revolutionary practice)

Thursday, 10.05.18 at 3 pm
PA58 (Prinzenallee 58, Wedding)

Resistance café
16:00, Abstand (Rigaer 78)

The attempt to connect theory and praxis in the context of democratic confederalism.
We are living in a world that is less and less social and where there is less and less solidarity. Instead of mutual help there is social envy and everybody is looking to get the best advantage for themself. The reason for this we will find in the capitalist logic of our system which shows up in different ways, e.g. that we accept that rents are rising in our neighbourhood and that people are loosing there homes, that we dont know our neighbours or that an offensive war is leaded with german weapons, that we feel impotent and alone. Racism and sexism aren’t de- but increasing and many of us are experiencing this day by day. Our silence and the not existing solidarity makes us to toys and to a part of this system.

In what kind of world do we want to live?

What could be the alternative?

We would like to discuss with you on the base of the democratic confederalism, how structures of solidarity can be used in the neigbourhood, who might be using them already and why solidarity can be so powerful. Info event starts 6 pm.

Workshop: Counterhegemony
17:00, Rigaer 94

Hegemony in postmodern times is hard to grasp analytically. For that, some rant about „pigs“, while other go for structurally antisemitic images of kraken, spiders and Miethaien“ (ger. rent shark). Some more others just ignore the topic, especially in their own circles. Because that somehow can’t be all, we want discuss about what hegemony is today and in what shapes it is appearing (also in radical left milieu) in a two-hour workshop. Because a powerful critique is a first step to powerful actions. group work ~ 2 hours

From Mainzer in the 90s to Rigaer 2018 – Tour through the district and 28 years of Friedrichshain
18:00, vor dem Zielona Gora, Boxhagener Platz / northern side

From the Mainzer in the 90s to the Rigaer 2018 – Tour through the district and 28 years of Friedrichshain with a contemporary witness that lives and works in Friedrichshain since November ́89. He is talking about his experiences as a spokesperson of the Mainzer
Street and as a contemporary witness of the murder of Silvio Meyer, as a squatter in the
district and as a resident of the „danger zone“. The tour starts infant of Zielona Gora at the Boxhagener Platz and ends at Dorfplatz (Liebig/Rigaer Street).

Duration: aprox. 90 minutes

Infoevent at the Resistancecafé
18:00, Abstand, Rigaer 78

An attempt to connect Theory and Praxis through the building and connection of communal structures in the Kiez, based on democratic Confederalism

Public Discussion: Offensive courses of action in repression cases 19:00, Kalabal!k (Reichenberger Straße 63a, Kreuzberg)

Whoever attacks hegemony and the ones defending it will ultimately have to face
repression. This repression will show its face in systematically perceptible violence carriedout by the officials and their jails. Its going all the way to the socialization of all people to conformity of the existing paradigm. How can we fight and break the feeling of powerlessness, that appears especially after strikes of repression, and how can we change it into actions and solidarity.

Basis of discussion: An actual case of Repression because of putting posters with texts
that had a positive reference to the events at the G20. There will be paper with collected

Riot – What happened in Hamburg?
19:00, Größenwahn (Kinzigstraße 9)

the multiple forms of protest and resistance against the G20 ind Hamburg are by now
three-fourth of a year ago. They generated a diverse echo in media and politics, and the
public fight for the interpretational sovereignty is ongoing. Also inside the left movement
the events are controversial, the positions are very heterogen. Especially regarding the
evaluation of the weekend, the Friday night, the riot. That is also the topic of this event.
Achim Szepanski will present and discuss about his book „Riot – What was going on in
Hamburg – Theory and Practice of collective action“
. The Journalist Peter Nowak will
address repression as a measurement of the degree of authoritarianism in the german
society in his contribution to the discussion.

riot is the moment – revolt is the perspective
20:00, Subito (Hauptstraße 1f near Ostkreuz)

Within the Chaos and Discussion Days we want to present two texts – „thesis
on squatting struggles between 80 and 82“ and „7 thesises on riot“ – to
discuss with you about appropriation in the fights in the beginning of the 80s and
appropriation inside the riot, as a perspective, to get back to a militant struggle.

In the first event we want to use the text „thesis on squatting struggles between 80 and
. in the chapter „logic of appropriation“ the dimension of theft, of looting or
disappropriation is broadly explained. Also the dynamic is to be discussed, that could
derive from this moment of questioning power and capital, and the problem that came with

For a new offensive!

Both texts are formatted into an installation, with a lot of stolen music and video snippets. It can be heard and seen at the „New York“ in Bethanien.
(Duration of the Exhibition is
Thursday to Sunday 12:00 am to 7:00 pm)

Info-night: Soli-ambulance for Athens
20:00, Fischladen (Rigaerstr. 83)

Two years after the initiative started, it is coming to its conclusion. We are doing an Info night for all the people that supported us and are interested to know the development of the project.


Dorfplatz Cinema
20:00, Dorfplatz (Rigaerstr / Liebigstr)



Friday May 11th

Actiontraining: basic training
11:00, Location tba

No matter if it’s about always repeating nazi-demonstrations or spontanious demonstrations, there is always something to do! And political actions are working the best when we are well prepared.
That’s why we want to train this together!
The training is suitable for action experienced people too. The aim is to raise our capacity on the streets. You can come to the training as a affinity group or you can find a affinity group there.
Basic contents of the 6 hour training (including a break) are : Thoughts about civil disobedience, affinity groups as a base of actions, sneaking in cop chains, different blockade techniques, how to deal with fears and the own borders, taking decisions in stressful situations and a short exchange about the topic repression.

Reading „The Method: A Personal Account of the Tortures in Greece“(Ανθρωποφύλακες) by Periklis Korovesis
11.5. 13:00 Infoladen Daneben

Recollections of the author, a young Greek actor, who was taken to Asphalia, a Greek Junta prison, where he was systematically interrogated and tortured till he confessed. „This factual,unhysterical account of what happened to one man in a Greek Junta prison is a devastating indictment of a regime whose toleration by democratic world is a continuing disgrace.“
After the lecture it’s possible to get this book.

Guided neighbourhood tour in Rigaer Straße – resistance of house projects and the neighbourhood in the northern part of Friedrichshain with discussion afterwards ‚Does resistance make sense in a gentrified yuppie and hipster neighborhood?‘. Collective noise protest afterwards.
14:00, Dorfplatz (Rigaer/Liebig)

We will speak about positions of resistance against displacement and repression in Rigaer Strasse. People from house projects will speak in front of them, actiongroup Rigaer 71-73 will give information about the luxurious construction side of CG Gruppe/KW Development. We will take a deeper look into the concepts of different houses and the neighbourhood in their fights angainst gentrification and upgrading as well as into a labour struggle in Samariterstraße.

Route: Liebigstraße 34 / Rigaer straße 94 / Rigaer straße 83 / Rigaer straße 78 / Samariter corner Rigaer straße / Rigaer straße 71-73 + 36-39 / Voigtstraße 36
length: ca. 90 Minutes

Around 4 pm there will be a discussion event in the house project Voigtstraße 36

Around 5:30 pm there is the collective noise protest against displacement. It will be between the two construction sides of CG-Gruppe and KW-Development.

Bike workshop
14:00, Samariterstr / Rigaerstr

Fix, Repair, Oil. Tools will be available


11.5. 14:00 Liebig34

Workshop: Adbusting
14:00, Rigaer94

The whole city is full of advertisement glass cases where we could hang political posters. Unfortunately you have to pay a lot of money for this. As long as you don’t know how to open them without money. Exactly this we want to find out togther. There will be a photo show as well.

Take the streets: feminist stencil, graffiti and serigraph workshop
15:00, Liebig 34

Because the street is feminist. Because the street is ours. Because we want to feel feminism all around us, in every corner, in every wall, in every stone. We won‘t settle for less. We want everyone to see and we want our message spread in the city like fire. Let no one ignore it: we want noise and direct action. Come to our queer trans anarcha feminist graffiti, stencil and serigraph workshop. A first introduction to the different techniques of street intervention and a sharing of methods and experiences. Bring your clothes and paint them. Pick a piece of plastic and make a statement, take some spray can and let the streets know that we are here to stay. Materials like paint cans are welcome.

[vɛʁ beaux tɑ̃] – About the censorhip of Indymedia linksunten
16:00, Location tba

In August 2017 the Ministry of Interior forbid Indymedia linksunten. To make the press law void the Ministry of Interior used the law for associations. Some known autonoms of Freiburg were simply made members of the association „Indymedia linksunten“ and the Autonomous Center KTS Freiburg became the club house. The money that was found was declared as property of the association and was confiscated. Including the value of the confiscated technique the material damage lies around 80.000 Euro.

Actually there should be a discussion about the importance of leftradical medias and about the political climate. Instead this case is lying in a court waiting for juristical progress.

We will tell about the raids and the legal struggle against prohibition and censorship. About the co-working of police and secret service, about snitches and treachery. As well as we will look at the history of repression against the magazin radical, because Indymedia is not the first example of censorship of left radical medias in the recent past. And by looking back on the project linksunten we want to discuss about necessity, possibilities and borders of left radical media work.

Militancy! – Workshop about theory and praxis
16:00, Rigaer94, Jugendclub

We want to deal with the questions: What is militancy? What‘s the aim of it? What are the requirements? We want to work together on these questions and diskuss them.

riot is the moment – revolt is the perspective
20:00, Subito (Hauptstraße 1f near Ostkreuz)

Within the Chaos and Diskussiondays we want to present two texts – „Thesises about Squatting from 80 to 82“ and „7 Thesises about the Riot“ – to discuss with you about apropriation in the moment of offensive in the early 80th, as well as apropriation in the riot, as perspective, to come back to a militant offensive.

In the second event we turn towards the text „7 Thesises about the Riot“. Starting from the thesis that riot often starts during the fight against exclusion, we will come from the analysis of the riot to a discussion about its effects on the individual‘s body as well as to the creation of a collective „we“.

Starting from the experiences of the riots of the last years, we want to find out moments that enable us to stabilize the future riots without clinching on them or wanting to choke them to death. We rather don‘t want to suggest perspectives than to develope them out of our commonly shared experiences, memories and analysises.
To develop a perspective that goes beyond the moment.
For a new offensive!

Beide Texte sind als Installation aufbereitet mit viel geklauter Musik und Videoschnipsel im „New York“ Bethanien zu hören und zu sehen [Dauer der Ausstellung von Donnerstag bis Sonntag 12 bis 19 Uhr].

The long arm of repression – from Barcelona to Aachen
21:00, Zielona Gora

Since 2013 there was a number of operations against the anarchist movement by the spanish state. It all began with the detention and conviction of two anarchists from Chile. This all happened under the label of operation Columna. From then on, there were three more operations: Panodra, Pinata, Pandora II until the arrestation of two comrades in Barcelona on the 13th of April. Those two were accused of expropriating a bank in Aachen. Dozens of flats, Squats, Convergencepoints and anarchist Centres were searched during that time and almost 50 people got arrested.
They were accused of membership in a criminal organisation with terroristic aims. The prosecutors celebrated their crack down against the danger of „anarchist terrorism“.
Our event will take into account different cases and also the F.I.E.S prison system of isolation and the history of antiterror-laws.


Saturday May 12th offline
10:00-15:00, Abstand (Rigaer 78) offline is a „forum of the exploited“ since 2002, a virtual meetingplace for an exchange on problems with work and being unemployed. Chefduzen is not just a selfhelp project for and by exploited people but an attempt to take up arms against the prevalent societal order, beyond the traditional leftist and union approach. Social problems and conflicts around the breadwinner are the starting point for collective resistance. Ture-to-life Anticapitalism.
Chefduzens concept is not one of a purely internet based project, but uses the webs means of disctributing information, discussing and making contacs. The project also organizes meetings, events and protestactions.

10:00 – 11:00
The British miners strike 1984
In the 80s Margret Thatcher led into a general attack against the british workers movement. The miners were one of the best organized parts of the class. In the 70s their strikes forced the government to resign twice.Thatcher wanted to break the power of the unions and the british working class . The strike law was intensified, strike posts with a higher number of participants were illegalized, the miners unions assets were confiscated and massive police violence was exerted against strikers. A bitter fight was held over 12 months. Alliances and methods of struggling uncommon for the workers struggle were developed. Due to the confiscated union assets, a solidarity movement, coming up for material support so the workers wouldn’t be forced back into work due to hunger, formed. Getting support from migrant- gay and lesbian groups was new for the conservative miners culture.Miners wifes started supporting the struggle with collective soup kitchens. The political importance of womens groups grew, in parts they even took the lead in the long labour disputes. International support was building and in Kiel, former squatters together withunions and other activists co-organized fundraisers, events and travels of strike activists to germany and supporters from Kiel to the strike fronts. Without these experiences the chefduzen project could not have been founded.

11:30 – 13°°
15years of Chefduzen – class struggle online and offline
The Forum is a central player in all current disputes around impoverishment, precarisation and disfranchisement. It is the source for several media outlets and has given journalists contacts for several reports and material for books. The exploitors couldn’t miss the effect of the exchange between the exploited, who better informed and more courageous didn’t let everything happen to themselves anymore.
Some notorious companies also had trouble recruiting new employees. A unseen wave of juridical attacks against the forum with the thread of astronimical penalties and several montsh of prison started. But even the use of payed hackers couldn’t quiet the forum. The activities organized by and with the forum had many consequences. Temporary stuff on a major airport enforced their demands through a mixture of sabotage and wild stike. 600 employees (three quarters of the employees) in a callcenter, did a collective „sick-out“. Some of the central points of the activity around the forum was temp work and call center jobs. But the work of professional drivers was another much worked on topic.

13:30 – 15°°
Among Truckers
In times of Just-in-Time-production , the transport sector is an achilles heel of the economy. When the transportation sector misses a beat, big parts of the economy lay still. Theoretically professional drivers could have enourmous power. But in germany they have stayed lone fighters and have not only not had a wage raise in ages but have seen their working conditions become more and more precarious. Since 2010 chefduzen has the „kilometerfresser“ project that is focussed on the working conditions of professional drivers, no matter whether they deliver packages, drive a taxi or truck on international roads. Within thie project around 40 videoclips have been made that describe the working conditions and the attemps at organizing within this sector.
In this event we present movies and anecdotes form a milieu that is not very well known to many leftist activists.

The struggle against the Google-Campus
12:00, Rigaer94

Technology plays a bigger and bigger role in the refining and restructuring of hegemonial and power structures. Companies like Google become more and more powerfull. Control,Conditioning and the exertion of power is becoming more invisible, precise and more and more engrossing. But there is a broad resistance against Google’s plans of erecting a Start-up-Campus in Kreuzberg/Berlin. After some input on critique on Google and technological control and domination and infos on the recent Anti-Google-protests, we want to discuss together:

How is Hegemony and Exploitation changing? How to fight against the technological attack that is everywhere but at the same time hard to grasp? How can we relay the idea of a world without hierarchies and domination with such a concrete project?

„Liberating grounds for our liberation“ – Combative communities taking root into the urban field, as an experience and as an open question
14:00, Kadterschmiede, Rigaer94

Presentation and discussion with a comrade from Athens about the situation in Exarchia. How to organize under Police Occupation, the relation to the neighbourhood, problems with mafia and drugs. Review on the history of this area. The repression under Syriza, the eviction of squats. This event is in english

Antifachist Cycling Demo against AfD- and Nazi-Locations Saturday, Mai 11th, 14:00, S-Bhf. Schönhauser Allee

Excerpt from the callout:

For may 20th , Afd is mobilizing nation wide for a big demonstration with more than 10000 participants. We shall be the rain on their parade. One week before, we’ll have a peek at Afd-Meeting points and right wing infrastructure. A bike demo starting from Prenzlauer Berg will lead past right infrastructure, until North-Pankow. The Afd reached between 20 and 30% in this area in the elections for the Bundestag 2018.
The area doesn’t only have a parliamentarian right wing center with the Afd-party office in Blankenburg but also a slew of rightwing bars

No space for the AfD!

Demonstration against fatal police violence : Justice for Hussam Fadl
15:00, Hauptstraße / Grunewaldstraße (U-Kleistpark)

Excerpt form the call
Hussam Fadl- shot by the police. “ We flead from death just to find nothing but death“ (Zaman Gate, Widow)

On september 27th 2016, Hussam Fadl, refugee from Irak, was shot from behind during a police actions on the area of the refugee camp in Berlin. The investigations of the prosecutor against the responsible cop were droped with a reference to self-defence.
This is equal to an acquittal of the cop who selectively shot Hussam Fadl in the back. We can not let the death of Hussam Fadl be swept under the carpet without a pulic trial! A demand to force the trial in the Kammergericht Berlin was accepted but no decision has been made yet.

Presentation of the Frei(T)räume-Campaign
15:00, Abstand (Rigaer78)

Frei(T)räume – a mix between „Freiraum“ – freespace and „Traum“ – dream

More and more solforganized projects are threatened by eviction.That’s not just living projects but also communal gardens, workshops, Neighbourhood-shops and Info-shops, Youth-centers, Collective bars, Trailerparks and cultural projects.
On the housing market a lot of things are going wrong too, luxury developments on every corner, unbearably high rents, and uncountable forced evictions.

The city is being sold out and the people displaces, we won’t accept that!

Anti-Google-Cafe / face2face
15:00, Kalabal!k

The face2face Café is a point of reference for the informal and selforganized struggle against the Google-Campus on Ohlauer Straße in Kreuzberg. It’s a space for meeting, exchange, information, discussion and coordination. To fight together against the opening of the Google-Campu in Kreuzberg, with pleading to politics, without negotiating with the autority, creatively and direct. Link

Screening & Discussion: Opportunities in feminist AntifascismSaturday, Mai 11th, 16:00 Liebig34

We are confronted with (hetero)sexist propaganda from conservatice and racial-notionalistic circles daily. Even antifascist theory and praxis often leaves this unquestioned. That’s why we want add to putting rightwing anti-feminism and sexism in our own rows from antifascist in the spotlight. Both naturally deserve a determined resistance.

Our presentation will talk about historical continuity of rightwing antifeminism and analyze its contradictions and function for the fascist movement. In addition we will try to delineate the history of (or lack thereof) antisexist organizing against the right and refer to current practice.

Afterwards we will discuss feminist realities of antifascist action, strategies and tactics , to rip the patriarchy’s and (neo-)fascisms ass up longterm
alerta alerta f*antifascista!


Info and Discussion on the current situation in Afrin & geopolitical interests of the Great Powers
16:00, Abstand (Rigaerstr. 78)

Offene Diskussion und Erfahrungsaustausch zu räumungsbedrohten Projekten mit Hasi (Halle / Saale) und Black Triangle
17:00, Abstand (Rigaer 78)

Immer wieder werden soziokulturelle Zentren und Wohnprojekte zerstört, um „Rechtsstaatlichkeit“ wiederherzustellen und die Interessen von Eigentümer*innen durchzusetzen. Welche Strategien gibt es, um zu verhindern, dass eine Räumung durchgezogen wird? Und welche Kompromisse sind wir bereit, für den
Erhalt von Freiräumen einzugehen? Über diese Fragen und noch viel mehr würden wir gerne mit euch diskutieren.
Dabei sind die räumungsbedrohten Projekte Hasi aus Halle und das Black Triangle aus Leipzig.

Solidarität! Unregistered Demonstration
12.5. 18:00 Herrfurthplatz, Neukölln

Excerpt fromthe callout:
We call for an unregistered demonstration for a a revolutionary solidaric World, without prisons and institutions,on the 12th of may.
We demonstrate for the freedom of everybody and want to express our solidarity with prisoners, especially our comrades Lisa and Thomas.

12. Mai 2018 – 18 Uhr – Herrfurthplatz BLN Neukölln

LGTIQ* Struggle in northern Kurdistan and Turkey
19:00, Aquarium, Skalitzer Str. 6, U8 Kottbusser Tor

german flyer:
LSBTIQ*-Kämpfe in Nordkurdistan und der Türkei

turkish Flyer:
LSBTIQ*-Kämpfe in Nordkurdistan und der Türkei

podium with Rosida Kuyuncu, kurdish LGBTIQ‘-activist, investigative journalist and prior political prisoner Michelle Demishevich from Istanbul, LGBTIQ* activist and journalist. Both are at the moment in european exile.

„Urban uprisings and counterinsurgency – tracking back by the example of the Hamburg uprising of 1923

Those interested in the development of unrest and uprisings in metropolises, not just in a search for the origins of the radical left but also to see the development of its policial suppression, cant get around Hans Kippenberger. He’s seen as the author of the first strategical execution of urban revolts in the german left. The Hamburg Uprising of 1923 planned by him also led to the creation of riot police and its guidelines that stayed partially unchanged until the 1970s.
We will see what this uprising really was and what role Hans Kippenberger played in Bernd Langers presentation.We want to discuss theories of uprising of that era in relation to todays possibilities for organization.We will focus on the relation between people revolting and the general population, that is in the best case uncertain, but in most cases rather dismissive. Another focus will be on the question whether an uprising can be planned at all or whether what counts is the ability to be organized in the advent of suprising developments.“


Sunday May 13th


Open Exchange and Perspectives with Brunch & Book- and Infotables
12:00, Rigaer 94

Info- amd Discussionevent: Disrupt!
14:00, Location tba

„Disrupt! – resistance against the technological attacks“ describes the attempts to
subdue the human existance under a reductionist artifical intelligence. The pressure on humans to adapt to the machines is already working- long before an all-encompassing interconnection of everyone with everything. The editorial collective çapulcu decifers this – often unquestioned – development as an attack on our autonomy and analyzes its solidarizing effect. Technology is never neutral but intrinsicly political.

Waves of forced technological advancement are difficult and seldomly reversible once they have been socially enforced and the Zeitgeist informed by it has through self-reinforcement reached the necessary stabilization. If we wait until all forms and consequences of this attack on our sociality have become ubiquitous, we will have lost. An analysis of this alleged „development“ in retrospective would be all that’s left to us.

A Counter-attack on the praxis and ideology of total monitoring and control seem absolutely essential. The authors plead for a revival of a practical technology critique between refusal and complete adoption of certain techniques.

Event 60m + discussion

Community of squats in Koukaki – Housing, Struggling and Resistance
15:00, Abstand (Rigaer 78)

The community of squats of koukaki has achieved to establish a multicultural community, with 3 squatted buildings in the last year, in a middle class-little bourgeoise area in the center of Athens. The body is created by people with different political background, which is reflected in the amount of struggles that the community is involved in. The spine of it is the necessity of combative squats as grounds for the struggles. In the last months, we suffered 2 fascist fire attacks in Panetoliou 21 and the eviction and arrest of 12 comrades in Matrosou 45, the first of the houses, which got evicted one year after its opening,being reoccupied three weeks later.

Picknick in Solidarity with the Zad NDdL
15:00, Tempelhofer Feld, Eingang Herrfurthstrasse

ZAD Notre Dame des Landes, autonomous liberated area in Brittany, Northwest France. Living place of more than 300 people, squatted 10 years ago to prevent construction of a big airport. Come along to support, inform and discuss. Music instruments, vegan food and art supplies will be welcome. DEFEND AUTONOMOUS ZONES!

Info- und networking/coordination event about Padovicz-Houses
Sunday, Mai 13th, 14:00 Liebig34

Gijora Padovicz and his companies own almost 2000 buildings in Berlin. Hes reknowned for a long time for the systematic buying, evicting and destroying of houses, households and houseproject, in order to make a higher commercial profit.

To achieve their goals they leave living space vacant, displace inhabitants with ruthelss methods and destroy more and more affordable living space in Berlin.
[..]We invite you to an open meeting, to plan actions, relate singular struggles and develop strategies. Even though we know Padovicz and his companies are only a small part of the capitalist system that we have to fight, they are a part of it.

We want to discuss how we can get organized politically against Padovicz and showcase this infamy publicly


The battle on Tegeler Weg – Screening and Discussion
19:00, Rigaer94


Intersquat Block



Tuesday, 15. May, 19:00, Meuterei
Discussion Circle: Where is the Future of Meuterei?

What is the Meuterei?
The Meuterei is a collectively run Bar in Kreuzberg. We see ourselves as a leftist Bar, which not only exists for the scene. Nevertheless political content matters to us. We offer infrastructure and take active part in political work.
Recent situation
We are short before the expiration of our rent-contract. That‘s why we as the collective are confronted with the question what to do.
We might be a leftist scene-bar, but is that enough to call it a political location? Do we have to defend it? Is the Bar a part of neighbourhood structures or part of a leftist structure? Or can we just drink our beer somewhere else?
To discuss these questions and to get to know the opinions of individuals or political groups, we invite for a discussion in our bar.

Friday, Mai 18th, 19:00, Kalabal!k
Nero Process and Soliwork

Our friend and comerade Nero is in Prison since July 2017. He has been locked up for blinding a cop helicopter that was flying above rigaertrasse, with a laserpointer. He sat in Moabit for five months and is in the JVA Tegel since then. We want to tell how his time behind bars is passing, what harassment he is facing and how the institutions try to hinder the support work. In addition we want to give you some tipps how you can support people in prison and what you have to pay attention to (especially in Berlin), when you’re doing so.


Wednesday, May 23rd, 19:00, location tba
next plenary assembly


Thursday, 24. May, 19:00, Location tba
Discussion on pleading, deals & political conduct of courtcases



We’re currently working on a live translation for the workshops and events , if you are a translation collective or would want to help as an individual please feel invited to contact us!

10.5. – 13.5. 2018 Berlin