2nd plenary assembly before the Discussion and Chaos Days

Come to the second plenary assembly, to further discuss the days, their idea and positions and strengthen the exchange between us.

What could the meaning of those days be? Is there a particular emphasis on any subjects? What’s already happening and what other ideas are there? How can we coordinate ourselves?

Our struggles live from selforganisation and taking initiative. Through joint discussions we can develop our actions and counteract the individualization in sectional struggles. The plenary assembly is open to everyone who wants to participate.

We’re looking forward to your participation and Input

Where and when: 18.04. // 7pm // Mehringhof

We want to discuss, test and intensify revolutionary and rebellious perspectives, goals and strategies for more intensive and far-reaching struggles.
We’re planning a mix of workshops, discussions, culture and actions on the focal points of our struggles. The more the merrier.
“ (excerpt from the call)

Gneisenaustrasse 2a
10961 Berlin